Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Confetti and Ice

On Saturday I had the pleasure of demo-ing my iced parfait for the CFAC at Carol Eaton's home, along with two if my Sisters in Cloth, Diane Wright and Barb Adams. It felt good to have my hands in the ice to cool down as it was very hazy, hot, and humid.

In the first picture is I scrunched the fabric and used a limited palette. The 'green' picked up some red and blue from th e next layer. Almost have that coral I'm looking for.

This next set is folded diagonally and on the short side with several colors used. Still looking for that coral.

Carol then demoed her Confetti Dyeing and although I had reservations and concerns about the potential drippy mess, I forged ahead. Fabric was soaked in soda ash, laid flat and sprinkled with dry dye, hung up and sprayed with soda ash.

All I can say is WOW!! It was amazin gto see how the colors mixed and mingles as they flowed down the cloth.  There are actually two seperate pieces here and if you look at the right one, you can see the shadow of a figure in the middle , and on the left one, i see a figure and building lights framed by to trees. Ok, I know I needed some fluids and  a hit of caffine at that point and to get out of the sun. But I can still sort of see them after the fabric has been dried and ironed......or maybe I need some caffine now. Can't wait to try this again....on a cooler day.....no humidity.