Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I have finally gotten to use that abundance of white stuff that is outside my back door! I thought I would never get to icey-snow dye this winter. After setting up my work table, I went out and hacked at the ice encrusted tops of the piles and used it to get back in my groove. Or at least get some much needed practice in.

Here is the offending fabric that shared it's color with the rest of the pot before I over dyed it. It was actually a little brighter than what you see here (which doesn't look so bad.) Maybe I'm to critical???

And here it after it's snow bath
I had used some blue and soft orange....it's different. I even had another piece of smallish fabric and used some more of the ice/snow on it  and  I really like the results.
I'm encouraged by the results and have gone full tilt to snow dye. Hope they come out as good as the above one. I'll keep you posted. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



I have had the urge to do some ice dyeing for a while and decided one day last week to just get to it. I gathered all the dyes. buckets, containers and the tub of soaking fabric. I set up my work area and proceeded to open the tub of fabric. I knew I had put a bunch of fat quarters in there to soak along with a piece I wanted to over dye.

Nice surprise when I saw all of the fabric and the solution was a lovely shade of pink !!!! It appears that the piece I wanted do over dye was not sufficiently rinsed and shared it's color with everyone  in the tub. Needless to say, I did a few loads of bleach wash to get them back to white.  No dyeing this time around.

I mixed a new batch of soda ash and re-soaked the fabric and thought I would try a gradation instead. Only one color and  some plastic bags, good for a warm-up to ice dyeing. I played around and did a ten step gradation of mulberry.