Wednesday, March 5, 2014



I have had the urge to do some ice dyeing for a while and decided one day last week to just get to it. I gathered all the dyes. buckets, containers and the tub of soaking fabric. I set up my work area and proceeded to open the tub of fabric. I knew I had put a bunch of fat quarters in there to soak along with a piece I wanted to over dye.

Nice surprise when I saw all of the fabric and the solution was a lovely shade of pink !!!! It appears that the piece I wanted do over dye was not sufficiently rinsed and shared it's color with everyone  in the tub. Needless to say, I did a few loads of bleach wash to get them back to white.  No dyeing this time around.

I mixed a new batch of soda ash and re-soaked the fabric and thought I would try a gradation instead. Only one color and  some plastic bags, good for a warm-up to ice dyeing. I played around and did a ten step gradation of mulberry.


  1. Love it! I see more magnolias in your future!

  2. Yeah! I love your gradations...just put your yellow into most recent. thanks!!!