Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have been intrigued by the Confetti Dyeing of my friend , Carol Eaton, and while I had the makings for Iced Parfait out,  I thought I would finally give it a try. Of course with a few variations.

I searched for my strainer and found I must have tossed it out onto the great beyond in my last kitchen cleanout. Having thought about what to use to spread the dye , I decided to see if a salt/pepper shaker would work. I'm not so crazy of spraying the soda ash on and drip drying and  decided to layer with crushed ice and plastic and see what happens.

A little to heavy on the red here ( will I ever learn )and not enough yellow. But I can see using it somewhere.

So on I go to the next layer. I can see the speckling but I might still be a little heavy handed here with the shaker. I also scrunched the fabric slightly.

And the final piece. I do have to say, being summer and hot does really make the process go much faster than in the cooler/cold months.

 That ice melts way fast!!

I might be getting the hang of this but I still feel I need remedial lessons. Or at least a little direction but it was a fun experiment.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dyeing in the Shade

My art group, Sisters in Cloth,  held an Iced Parfait dyeing sessions at Diane Wright's home recently. Of course it was warm and a touch humid, but the shade from the trees made it delightful! Here are some of the results from my containers. I do have to say it was different than dyeing during the much cooler (colder, indoor) months and the results are interesting and different..

I'm thinking a lighter hand on the dyes, more ice to the layer, and watch out for the red and darker colors......very light on them. And watch your color combinations.

This last group looks a little better in person. I also think the weight of the fabric has played a part in this. I used a cotton silk blend on some of these which may have caused the dye to take faster. I do have some really nice ones I love that I will save for the reveal this coming Friday!!