Monday, July 16, 2012

Dyeing in the Shade

My art group, Sisters in Cloth,  held an Iced Parfait dyeing sessions at Diane Wright's home recently. Of course it was warm and a touch humid, but the shade from the trees made it delightful! Here are some of the results from my containers. I do have to say it was different than dyeing during the much cooler (colder, indoor) months and the results are interesting and different..

I'm thinking a lighter hand on the dyes, more ice to the layer, and watch out for the red and darker colors......very light on them. And watch your color combinations.

This last group looks a little better in person. I also think the weight of the fabric has played a part in this. I used a cotton silk blend on some of these which may have caused the dye to take faster. I do have some really nice ones I love that I will save for the reveal this coming Friday!!


  1. They look great! Some seem to have a beautiful shine to them. I'll have to try your idea of using fabric other than 100% cotton!

  2. Kaufman puts out a fabric called Radiance that is 55% silk and 45 % cotton. One side has the sheen, the other is dull. I'll bring some along. It did strike faster than the cotton and might have contributed to the muddled look.