Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anyone Home??

Cough, cough, achoo!  It sure is dusty in here! I didn't realize I've been away for so long.  Let me wave the duster and broom to get the cobwebs out of here. Much better. Hopefully my brain and hands remember how to navigate this site and post things.

I have been rather busy and distracted but have made a New Year's resolution to get back here and post some of the things I did indeed finish and what I am playing with.

 Several years ago ( 2005 to be exact) I fell in love with a pattern in McCall's magazine called Glad Tidings by Lisa  Debee Shiller. It came in 3 installments and I thought, no problem, I can do this. I did get a good start and loved doing the applique and piecing the blocks. But I am not one to follow all the directions (sorry, Lisa) and several blocks just didn't make me happy. So I started to trade out blocks and hunt around for substitutions. Of course I got distracted and put down the project various times,  never quite finding enough solutions for the quilt to finish.  Until this past summer when I had to straighten out ( ok, find my sewing table, mahcine and fabric) and decided this time I would put it together and hand quilt it! It should be ready to hang for Christmas. I did finish it but it was January.

I'm pleased with it and promptly hung it on the wall in my dining room where I can see it every day. My fingers thank me,  too. They are almost back to normal.
Our group, Sisters in Cloth, have been busy working on Sentinels stamped by Dijanne Cerval. I finished mine but need to hand it  so it can be shipped for a show in France. this was a lot of fun but I can't believe my table!!
Hard to believe this small project came from this mess!! Now for the clean up!

Our group is  also taking a class with Kate Themel and  I need to work on my flowers so I'm ready for part two of the class this Saturday. One of the Sisters, Diane Wright,  has a picture of hers on her blog and an article on the Magnolia class we are doing. Go check her out.
Opps, I see some cobwebs in the corner. I'll be back with more.