Friday, January 22, 2010


I have finally found my fabric and sewing machine after the hectic holidays and have been inspired by a photo of Gee's Bend  type quilts in a catalog. I was in the mood to play around and started this piece. I started to use only solid colored fabric and just had to use some batiks to get the right 'feel' I wanted. One thing lead to another and I decided to lengthen the piece and have only gotten to about 14 inches wide by 56 inches long. More is planned  but I'm not sure I want it all to be in strips.

While I had the scraps lying on the table I started to combine some little pieces and see where it took me. Here are some of the squares I have made so far. I used my own hand dyed fabrics and promised to use only them....well,  that didn't last to long. I did sneak in one batik and am trying really hard to stick to my own fabrics.  I think a nine patch type setting might work. And I need to add something to the green and yellow one, looks a little lonely there.  And maybe ......

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