Saturday, June 7, 2014

To Many Distractions

Once again I seem to have a focus problem. Granted some of the things are beyond my control and some of them were good distractions. Like having to get ready for an appraisal on my home and having the place look like someone lived here. To bad I didn't have more than 5 days to get it looking presentable. It was mostly spent in my sewing rooms  (yes , I said rooms). When I get going with something, I tend to take over whatever space I happen to be in.

Here is one project I have been trying to finish up and put  on the design wall. But before I sewed it together, I tweaked and changed many things in each block. So, of course I had to hunt for the fabrics I used and add to the general piles of fabric and scraps that eventually got cleaned up and put back where they belong.


I am also part of a sub-group from the West Haven Watershed Restoration Committee that is interested in beautifying the shore near where I live now.  We have Piping Plovers that nest on our beaches and have a resurgence of wildlife returning to one section of the shore. One member applied and received a  small grant from the Audubon Society and we have begun the process of general clean-up of the area,  removing weeds, turning soil, picking plants that are salt water tolerant and finally getting the planting done. Yesterday we planted a small triangle that is along the sidewalk many walkers use. Here we are pitting mulch on the plants.

We can't believe we did it!!!!
Hopefully we can return to getting some of our own chores done at home and I can try to find my sewing things that I haven't touched in way to long.


  1. I love that piece. And well done with your beautification project

  2. Keep going Carol - your piece is beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished piece!

    Excellent job on the clean up project... that looks like a LOT of work!