Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Ice With That DYE Please!

Fan-folded Diagonal

It's been a while since I last visited here having had an 'interesting' and busy year.  I am finally back into the swing of things and my creative juices are perking along.

I had the itch to do some snow dyeing, but there wasn't any snow this year in the North East. Horrors!!! It certainly is strange to have winter with no snow when I was ready to dye.
So I decided I needed to play in the dyes and produce something and found my  August/September issue of Quilting Arts and the article on ice dyeing. Ice is related to snow, right , so why not?

I did enjoy the process and found waiting for the dye and melting ice to do its thing the hardest part.  My first few pieces were exciting to watch as I rinsed out the fabrics.

Fan-folded Long edge
 And ironing them after they dried left me amazed. Who knew I could get such bright colors and those little ice cubes would produce glorious blends of color. Each piece was so different than the next and just as beautiful. I am hooked!!!

I couldn't stop and did some more, loving every minute spent getting the fabric covered in ice and dye.  And then I spotted an empty vase on my counter and parfait dyeing came to mind.

Could this work???? Well, let's just see how it goes. It went even better than I thought possible.  Five pieces stacked in one place, all the ice and dye scattered and  I'm a happy dyer!! I believe I have found my new favorite ice treats.

Parfait Diagonal Fold


  1. Carol you have me totaly hooked on this technique! I am having such a ball playing with ice cubes - how lucky for me that I sat next to you at the SAQA meeting!

  2. I know I'm addicted and hopefully there is no cure!. What total fun and thrilling results. Thnak you for your support.