Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Iced Dyeing

I"m happy the Easter holiday went so well, with all my children and grand children coming for dinner. But the planning and executing of dinner left me longing for my dye pots and a little creative time.

I finally was able to do some more iced dyeing on a few pieces. It felt like I'd  been away for ever, but  I perservered and created some interesting pieces.

This is a little softer in color than my usual, but I like the movement of the dye. It reminds me of spring and approaching summer. Blue skies, warm sun, and my flowers starting to bloom. Hmm, I think I'm ready for the seasons to change.

I have another piece I also like, more in my color palette. Scrunched fabric is becoming my new favorite. It has a lot of surprises and great ice movement. Although my absolute favorite is still the diagonal folded fabric.  Kind of reminds me of shibori, but without the stitching.

You can see a few more pieces over at Sisters In Cloth, a group I belong to. I plan on doing more today.


  1. Love your new pieces!I did some experimenting recently with creating typical dye baths and ice cube dying side by side. I wanted to see which I’d like better if all things were equal I’m sure you’ve guessed it was the ice cube dying! I think we are both hooked BIG TIME! We really should get together for a studio session!

    Enjoy – the other Carol

  2. You keep on outdoing yourself, Carol. I look forward to the next group. These are great.

  3. Congratulations on having your ice cube dying technique published in this months edition of Quilting Arts Magazine!

    Very cool girl!

  4. Carol, Love your article in QA! And thanks for mentioning me and so glad I inspired you. Lynda at